Appleton Clinics does not require and does not process health insurance. Instead, our clinic works directly with you to provide our professional family medical services in exchange for an affordable monthly membership fee.

We encourage all members to also carry traditional health insurance or join a health care cost sharing organization so that you have financial coverage for medical care outside the scope of services provided at Appleton Clinics.

Many of our members and prospective members have said they benefitted from learning more from the following websites:


Hilltop Health Access
Connect for Colorado Marketplace Insurance Information

Liberty HealthShare
A leading health care cost sharing organization

A leading health care cost sharing organization

Insurance Planning Alternatives, Inc.
A local health care insurance brokerage firm

RSVP Grand Junction
Local Medicare Assistance

Appleton Clinics is not a health insurance broker, does not provide insurance advice, and does not receive compensation from insurance companies or health cost sharing organizations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Enrollment Director at 970.985.7110 or email